The VIP Series

The VIP Mario series is one of the most famous Mario hack series in the world. It was created and produced by 2chan and the VIP News Board.

The hack series is basically a collaboration of semi-anonymously submitted levels by the posters on the message board. The actual range of level quality and level difficulty therefore varies drastically within the hacks themselves.

The foundation for this series lies in the various Japanese memes and tropes found on the 2chan board (especially the VIP News section). I decided to translate these to give myself some experience translating slang and learning Japanese memes. It is hard work, but I find it rewarding as well. I strive to add culture notes when necessary to explain a meme, saying, or joke prominent in the relevant levels.

So far VIP 1-3 have been translated and VIP 4 is in production. Please use the menu above to download any of the translated VIPs or to view screenshots