Sui Series

The Sui Mario series is a series of hacks by the titular author Sui. These hacks are generally very amatuer by today's standard, but the first two were made many years ago, so that must be taken into consideration.

The foundation for this series lies often in music, which the author seems to love quite a bit. The world names in the first two games are all musically based and all feature many songs written by the author.

I decided to translate this series because it was quick and easy and did not feature a lot of text. I needed a break after getting burnt out working on the VIP series and this was what I decided to translate in its place for a little while. It was, by and large, an easy translation, though sussing out the author's intended meaning in the last game was difficult since all level names were in very difficult to understand (grammatically) English. Level names such as "Blood Badness" were typical. Also, in Sui 1 there was a lot of text that does not appear in the game that was colloquial and difficult to translate, but it has been translated regardless and is viewable by any entrepreneuring spirit with Lunar Magic.

So far all of the Sui games have been translated and I will continue to translate them as they come out. Please use the menu above to download the various Sui games or to look at screenshots before deciding.