VIP 5 Translation


VIP Mario 5 is the fifth entry in the popular VIP Mario series produced by 2chan and the VIP News Board.

The original Japanese version can be downloaded here and this translation will begin when VIP 4 has been released.

This will be a .zip file with two .ips files in it - one for VIP 5 v1.05 and one for the recommended VIP 5 v1.03. This way one can choose between the level design fixes of v1.05 or the significantly less buggy v1.03

Current Status:

  • Stage Names: 0%
  • Flavour Text: 0%
  • Boss Text: 0%
  • Culture Notes: 0%
  • Graphical Elements: 0%


Author: 2chan's VIP Board

Translator: Horikawa Otane

Script Editing: Vgperson

Tools Used: