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Vantage Master Japan is a Japanese-themed strategy game based on the Vantage Master system/universe.

The game involves the protagonist summoning spiritual beings to aid him/her in combat against another summoner. The goal being to bring the enemy summoner down to 0 HP (from 10). To succeed the player must utilise his/her summoned spirits to defend him/herself while simultaneously planning a route for attack and gaining coloured platforms that give spiritual energy.

You can find the original Japanese game here.

This translation is currently in-progress, but will not be focused on until after VIP 5 has been released. Currently, I am looking at a late-Summer 2013 release.

Current Status:

  • Stage Names: 0%
  • Dialogue: 25%
  • Graphical Elements: 0%


Author: Nihon Falcom

Translator: Horikawa Otane

Hacker: Kil

Script Editing: Mystel Aurora